Thursday, September 10, 2009


So yesterday my friend offered to swing past the grocery store on the way home from work in case I needed anything heavy. This was a generous offer, as I DID need to pick up some dog food. I had purchased my regular groceries just a couple of days ago, and didn't NEED anything other than a big bag of dog-food.

Somehow, I managed to come out of the store $80.54 poorer. Boggles the mind, considering that my REAL grocery shop was only $59!!! I was an idiot and bought quite a few things that I really didn't need-- Twizzlers (on sale, for lunches) and a humungous pack of store brand Fudgesicles. For the record, because I ALWAYS forget, Sobey's brand fudgesicles are AWFUL. The Superstore ones are are so delicious, and Sobey's ones are soooooo bad. Save your 5 bucks. Sheesh.

Anyway, today was a day off. I bought a cup of coffee for me, and a timbit for the dog. I did it with my gift card, so it's coming out of the budget amount.

I've decided that the only way for me to curb the coffee habit is to use a pre-paid gift card for the week. When it's empty, I'm out of caffeine. Maybe this way I can put a bit of a curb on my coffee addiction. We shall see. :)

9/07 - $59.71 (groceries)
9/08 - $6.20 - flea collar for the dog
9/08 - $80.54 (MORE groceries)
9/09 - $2.52 - bananas (i went to buy peaches, but they were all icky)
- $1.76 - coffee & 1 timbit for the dog

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