Monday, September 7, 2009


Things are rough. I'm more poor right now than I have been in a very long while. I've worked hard the last couple of months to dig myself out of a bit of a pit, and I'm almost there.

I'm trying hard to track my spending...even with not spending much of anything at all for a few weeks, I still seem to have a very difficult time tracking just exactly WHERE all the money goes.

I feel like I'm beginning to regain a bit of control over my finances, which is a good thing. I find that when one thing is out of control, the rest of your life spirals around it. And when everything is swirling around in chaos, gaining control over just one aspect helps to give a starting point for getting the other stuff settled down too.

I'll try to post my spending here as I do it, likely with the crackberry, then I'll be able to make sure it's documented and not feel like a loser if I can't find my piece of paper at that moment.

For the month of September so far:

1st - $600.oo (rent)
- $40.00 (NSF charge)
- $8.25 (lunch snacks)
2nd - $10.25 (4L milk & ice cream treats)
3rd - $3.76 (coffee & pastry @ bus stop)
- $4.06 (toy for the dog & choc bar)
4th - $2.00 (Tim's)
- $100.00 to savings
- $200.00 (Visa payment)
- $50.00 (LOC payment)
- $5.00 (Eastlink payment)
- $45.00 (cellphone payment)
5th - $2.25 (bus - forgot my bus tickets at home!)
- $6.00 (pizza for self and friend after night out)
- $1.75 (Tim's)
6th - $2.25 (Tim's for me and the dog)
- $2.48 (newspaper & choc bar)
- $59.71 (groceries - tons of fruit, no meat)

Well, not hard to see where all my cash is going. No wonder I'm also fatter right now than I've ever been in my life! :) (And no, I'm not FAT, just fatter than ever before. So far. Yet. Yikes.)

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